The Villa

Surrounded by a private park of green lawns and secular plane trees, the villa is furnished with antique paintings and furniture and it is situated on the banks of the river Adige in the town of Villa Bartolomea of which the ancestors of the present owner of the villa were feudal lords since the 15th century.

Entering from the great hall a number of ample spaces and rooms are ready to welcome you: the wide main living room, of about 100 square meters, the billiard room and the music room with a piano. The large kitchen and the main living have their own ample fireplaces.

The Rooms

In the two upper floors are distributed the 14 bedrooms, most of them with two beds and their own en suite bathrooms. Only the three single rooms and two double bedrooms must share two external bathrooms but each of them has however its own water basin inside. 2 other rooms are located in a separate apartment within the same compound.

First Floor

Second Floor

IN SUL PAESE CH’ ADIGE E PO RIGA SOLEA VALORE E CORTESIA TROVARSI (Dante Alighieri – “La Divina Commedia” – Purgatorio – Canto XVI) (Within the country where Adige and Po rivers flow, courage and courtesy used to be found)