The History

On the banks of the river Adige, the villa of the Counts of San Bonifacio, feudal lords of the village of Villa Bartolomea and of the surrounding lands since 1400, was completely rebuilt by the Family in the early years of the last century beside the barn and the large agricultural complex dating back to the 18th century.

In fact, the old mansion, lapped by the river waters, was completely demolished after the devastating flood of the Adige in 1882, after which the State built up the impressing banks that still characterize the course of the river.

Antica Mappa

Within the court of the villa is still rising the so-called “Justice Column”, a symbol of the judicial authority that the family of San Bonifacio used to exercise on the whole territory during the centuries of the Venetian Republic rule. The statue of Justice hanging on the column was destroyed by a lightning in the year 1786 and it was replaced by a stone block that still remembers the restoration.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the agricultural court was the operational center from which the Family gave its fundamental contribution to the drainage of the ‘Great Veronesi Valleys’, on the most of which the land ownership of the Counts of San Bonifacio was extended. The pumps buildings built by the Family on the banks of the Immissario Canal remain to be witness of the said activity.